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Two (and one) Sentence Horror Stories

Ten original bits of horror.

  • It's a lie that they only eat brains. The ones I've been feeding don't care which part of the body they get, as long as it's the right species.

  • The view from the window is perfectly clear, even though it's dark outside. ...Didn't I used to have a reflection?

  • Of course photographs don't trap part of your soul, she laughed. If they did, I wouldn't show up in them at all.

  • Ignore the faces in the walls. It's not like they have teeth.

  • The shooting stars were beautiful... until the first one landed.

  • Couldn't you get a better song stuck in your head? Oh well, I suppose I should be grateful it's not out loud...

  • Her brother would do anything for her. Except stop.

  • So maybe second-hand kitchen equipment wasn't the best idea. But seriously, why does everything taste like pork?*

  • *Apparently, human flesh tastes very similar to pigmeat.

  • Don't you hate those moments when your reflection goes out of sync?

  • I think the sound of clocks ticking makes the house feel much less empty. I just wish I knew where it was coming from, and why it's getting louder every day...
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    Meet Cute Project

    There was a set of ridiculous sentence prompts on the meetcuteproject.tumblr.com (ETA reblogged from toxixpumpkin.tumblr.com), and I tried to cram as many in as possible without word-soup.

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